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CREATE Research

There is a pressing need for research on Assistive Technology (AT). Specifically there needs to be greater evidence available on what works for individuals with various disabilities in instructional and clinical settings (Edyburn & Gersten, 2007).

Special education technology has had a myopic focus upon what is new in the field and is, therefore, subject to the same criticisms as the field of educational technology in terms of advances being advocated on the basis of ideology rather than research validation of what works (Willis,2003).

The research that has been done in the field of AT has been done largely in academic settings. These settings have produced rigorous scholarship, but most often produce results slowly. However the immediacy of the requirement for expanded research demands alternative avenues of study. CREATE has attempted to help meet this need by supporting research in AT in several ways:

1. Consulting with manufacturers and publishers in the industry about how they can expand research opportunities for their products.

2. Partnering with schools, hospitals and universities to conduct small group and single study research involving individuals with disabilities.

3. Developing tools to help clinicians conduct single subject and small group research as part of evidence based practice (EBP) such that these studies may be used in subsequent meta-analyses.

4. Engaging in research as part of its consulting and direct services to consumers with disabilities.

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Other CREATE Research

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Satterfield, R. B., (2007). What Makes for Effective Training in Assistive Technology? Paper presented at the National Educational Computing Conference, June 22, 2007. 

Satterfield, R. B., & Satterfield. P. M., (2006, October). The Marriage of AT and IT, ConnSENSE Bulletin, 7(3).  retrieved from:




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