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Ben Satterfield                                    Interview W/Ben & Pat

                                                                        in Family Center on Technology & Disability

Ben Satterfield                                                          

Ben Satterfield, Ed.D. is an instructional designer and has participated in the design of several software titles for young children and children with disabilities. He is also a conference presenter and workshop instructor. Ben is currently the President of the Dunamis Educational Foundation and the President/CEO of Dunamis, Inc. He taught in a public high school near Richmond, Va. for 7 years and served 5 years as a college coach and sports administrator. He worked for 2 years as a software designer at ChalkBoard, Inc., before the founding of Dunamis and the Dunamis Education Foundation. Ben holds a BA in History from William & Mary, and an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Virginia. Ben recently completed work on his doctoral program in Instructional Technology and Distance Education at NOVA Southeastern University.

Pat Satterfield

Pat Satterfield
Pat Satterfield, M.C.E. is an instructional designer, conference presenter, AT consultant, and workshop instructor. Formerly the Vice President for Marketing of Dunamis, Inc. today Pat is a consultant and instructor for CREATE. Pat was a home schooling mother of 4 boys who has "taught every grade at least once". Pat is a parent of a child with a disability and was a foster parent of a second. Pat has served as Technology Coordinator for several private school programs serving students with disabilities. Pat holds several degrees: a BS in Biology from William & Mary and a BS from the Medical College of Virginia in Medical Technology. Pat also holds a Master's degree in Christian Education from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education.

Carol Shockley

Carol Shockley

Carol Shockley, B. A. is an instructional designer and author of several software titles for young children with disabilities. Carol is a highly regarded conference presenter and workshop instructor. Currently she is the Administrator of the Self-Determination grant project at Hi HopeCenter in Lawrenceville, Ga. – a person-centered approach to service provision, which has led to significant communication and developmental breakthroughs with clients. Carol has served as Director of Training for Dunamis, Inc. and developed online courses as well as traditional classes for Professional Learning Unit credit (PLUs). Carol has over 25 years of experience working with young children with disabilities. She has been a teacher and Technology Coordinator for the Elaine Clarke Center, which serves children with disabilities ages birth to 3. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, she holds a BA in Special Education.

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