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What is CREATE?

What is CREATE?

In 2001, Dunamis and the Dunamis Educational Foundation launched the Center for Research and Expansion of Assistive Technology Excellence (CREATE). Its purpose is to bring teachers, professionals, students and parents together in a search for effective ways to apply Assistive Technology in the teaching/learning process. We are collaboratively seeking to discover what works and how such solutions can be implemented in the classroom.

Our focus has first been to increase awareness of the current best practices in Assistive Technology. We believe that training for teachers, therapists, and families is essential for the implementation of Assistive technology. The CREATE team works with Dunamis and local agencies to provide training to the community. A schedule of upcoming training events as well as a list of workshops that CREATE has provided in the past are available. Join us for the fun and learning!!!

Dunamis understands that teachers, therapists and parents are finding it increasingly difficult to attend much needed trainings. With that in mind, CREATE has launced our new ONLINE trainings!. Now participants can join us from the comfort of their own home, office or computer lab at a time convienent to them! Please go to the On-Line Course section for more information!

*Pending DOE approval

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