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Our Courses Taught

Applications of Assistive Technology to Standards-Based Instruction Students with Significant Disabilities

Assistive Technology A to Z: An Introduction to AT
Enhancing Language Acquisition in the Preschool Classroom
AT Support for Collaboration: Strategies to Support Reading & Writing in Inclusive Classrooms
Embedding Technology into the Preschool Classroom
Modifying the Curriculum for Students with Disabilites
BabyTalk- Augmentative Communication Strategies for Our Youngest Children with Disabilities
Supporting Emergent Literacy
Making Math Accessible
Using Technology to Enhance Literacy Skills
Support for Beginning and Struggling Writers
Design and Use of Graphic Organizers
The Continuum of AAC Devices
Designing and Creating Switch Activities
Increasing Literacy Opportunities for Older Students with Severe Disabilities
Active Learning and Study Skills
Picture Supported Literacy: Creating Classroom Materials & Literacy Activities
Games Kids Play: Adapting Popular Educational and Entertaining Board and Computer Games so Everyone Can Play!
BAM! Spicing up therapy sessions using AT
Creating Adapted Books
Using AAC Devices to Access the Curriculum
Implementing AAC Devices

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